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Think diffusion - a great service with great prices

CLICK THE IMAGES TO LEARN  MORE..  For those who want everything Stable Diffusion has to offer, use the golden standard  Automatic1111  UI, aka A1111. It's the most popular and powerful UI with the largest extension/plugin ecosystem and latest in bleeding edge tech. offer you a great service, The best we have found.  Starts with 30 minutes free creation and then just around $ 0,50 an hour to use their apps.   They offer both A1111 Invoke and much more.  What I liked with rhe service is that you have access to the files in a proper way.  So your images and vids are stored.   This also is great when you are making videos with defurum/controlNet where you need to change the settings to your prompts ... (deforum_settings.txt) The link in the pictures lead you straight to the site !  Happy creating ! And of cause our free app is online 24/7 at  Just need to join  us for free ! 

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